Large wooden Hutch


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This spacious pet cage allows your lovely little pets to graze and run on the field. The two levels are linked with a robust and a foldable ramp access. When your pet feels tired, it can climb up the ramp and take a rest in its own bedroom.

Overall Dimensions: 155 x 60 x90 cm

1. High quality fir wood construction with mesh wire
2. Asphalt roof for rain and sun protection
3. Waterproof and anti-termite
4. Fully enclosed bedroom on upper level
5. Spacious integrated ground enclosed play area
6. Open floor design for grazing
7. Built-in and foldable ramp connected between floors
8. 4 easy-to-access doors
9. Strong and firm security locks
10. Slide-out tray for easy cleaning
11. Made of RoHS approved eco-friendly material