Best Fish for Ponds in Melbourne

6th Sep 2017

Spring is finally here, and it’s a great time to set up a new pond, or give your established pond a clean out.Remember to add a dechlorinator to make your tap water safe for fish, and don’t for … read more

Why is my fish tank going green?

7th Jul 2017

If your tank has green water or excessive algae growing on the glass, don’t worry – it’s actually not harmful to your fish, it just doesn’t look very nice.The most common causes of an algae bloom … read more
Can my Fighting Fish live with any friends?

Can my Fighting Fish live with any friends?

6th Jul 2017

Yes! As you may already know if you have a Siamese Fighting Fish (or Betta), you must only have one male per tank or they will fight. However, they can live peacefully in a tropical tank with o … read more